Kept firmly behind the caged DJ booth, here are four members of the CSC at the 1st Anniversary in November 2000, from L to R - Greg, Flynny, Matt and Alan...Carl was taking the picture!
ABOVE: The dancefloor taken from the DJ booth looking towards the stage (July 27th 2001)
ABOVE: Russ Vickers 'wasted' (July 27th 2001)
ABOVE: Dancefloor on July 28th 2000.
ABOVE: Flynny on deck duty (July 28th 2000)
CSC founders, Irish Greg and AlanH.
ABOVE: Andy Dyson & Kenny Burrell
The dancefloor in full swing at the 2nd Anniversary, taken from the stage looking towards the DJ booth...is that a 'saluting DJ' in the background?! (November 2001)
ABOVE: Greg & Kenny Burrell at the 1st Anniversary.
ABOVE: The bottle table in front of the DJ booth, usually home to the Brighton crowd.
ABOVE: A saluting Carl and Shifty - there was a powerful spotlight glaring at the DJs, so you would often see us 'saluting' as we tried to look out over the dancefloor! (Nov. 1999)
RIGHT: Chris aka Trickster a regular on the Dome dancefloor...but not on this night! (Sept. 28th 2001)
ABOVE: Some of the CSC crew at Wigan North Western station en route to DJing at the Viaduct soul night.
ABOVE:  L to R - Alan, Carl, Matt & Flynny (May 2001)
ABOVE: Greg & Flynny (May 26th 2000)
ABOVE: Greg & Carl (Oct. 2000)
ABOVE: Ion, Marco, Elaine & Miles (Oct. 2001)
ABOVE: Stuart Russell & Mike Ritson of BeeCool, along with Hannah, Matt and Miles aka Jimmy Saville (Dec.2000)
ABOVE: Pete Hullet, Alan, Greg & Russ Vickers (Dec.\2000)
ABOVE: Flynny, Matt (drummer from Dodgy) and Greg a couple of days after doing the final episode of the GLR Radio series, 'Where's Wigan?' (Nov. 99)
ABOVE: Kenny Burrell (Nov. 2003)
ABOVE: MickH & Greg (July 2002)
ABOVE: Sharnya...now Mrs.Tyler (May 2003)
ABOVE: Carl, Ian Levine, Flynny & Alan.
ABOVE: Greg & Stuart Tyler (July 02)
ABOVE: Karen aka SoulGirl.com & Flynny (Jan 2003)
LEFT: Mai & Ryo from Japan (April 2000)
Caroline Gavin in the cubby hole (May 2001)
ABOVE: Sidney Barnes & The Flirtations at his 1st appearance at the CSC...his 1st UK live performance ever!
Dave Rimmer aka Santa!
(Dec 2002)
ABOVE: Christmas dancefloor! (Dec 2002)
ABOVE: Carl 'on the run' at the 4th Anniversary (Nov 2003)
ABOVE: Flynny work at the 4th Anniversary (Nov 2003)
ABOVE: Greg & Kenny at the 4th Anniversary - an ideal caption competition shot! (Nov 2003)
ABOVE: DJ Soulful Cris & Johnny Timlin of the Valatone Club (July 03)
Roger Banks at work (July 2003)
ABOVE: Adey Potts & Martin Harland in the record room (March 2003)
ABOVE: Flynny at work (July 2003)
ABOVE: Ian, Greg & AdyC (July 2003)
ABOVE: Sidney Barnes & Carl (July 2003)
BELOW: Sidney Barnes asking Greg for his autograph!
Ady Lupton at the bar...broke! (July 2003)
ABOVE: Sidney on stage doing his thing! (July 2003)
A bunch of like-minded Rare Soul fans playing the discs they loved...inviting guest Djs who they respected.
Set in a North London Pub-Rock venue with a large dancefloor, a record dealer/collector's room...and a long bar!
Feel free to email me your memories/pictures of the halcyon nights we all enjoyed.
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