David Flynn's
Anorak's Corner

November 26th 2004 - The End of an Era

Chuck Jackson once sang good things come to those who wait, well sometimes the good things come to an end. Yes it’s true the last Capitol Soul Club will take place on the 5th Anniversary on Friday 26th of November 2004. I am not saying that that it will, not re-appear phoenix like in the future, but for now the club will be no more.
We have had five almost six years if you count the Bar Shoreditch and feel it’s time to go out in style at the Anniversary. From our humble beginnings at the Bar Shoreditch march 19th 1999 with Irish Greg and Carl Fortnum and Debbie and Lucy doing the door, through to our move to The Dome with Matt Jahans MJ Promotions and David Flynn as new resident DJ in November 1999 we have supplied the dancers and collectors with what they wanted quality rare soul and RnB and a little bit of tumbleweed along the way.
It has been you the faithful who have made the club what it was, without you we are nothing. The Anniversary DJ line up of myself, Carl and Mick H will be joined by Ady Croasdale and Kenny Burrell who kindly compiled the fantastic CD we are giving out to the first 150 through the door.
Big thanks go out to Ady Lupton who has been running the club in my absence and our hard workers past and present Caroline and Martin Gavin, Hippy  Marie, Sharnya(interceptor )Hale, Haldun stamping your hands and giving out flyers, Lucy on the door, Natasha, Jo Wallace doing coat duties, and Janine for flyering, Kavel for the artwork and Mike Hughes and Winston for the shouts on soul talk cheers guys.
All our guest DJ’s Keb Darge, Ion, Tony Smith, Nogsy, Mick Smith, Pete Hullatt, Andy Dyson, Russ Vickers, Jo Wallace, Simon Humphries, Robbo and Paul, Roger Banks, Arthur Fenn, Shifty, Niamh Lynch, Ian Jackson, Vic Ranger, Dave Edwards, Stewart Tyler, Yann Vatisste, Martin Harland, Andy Faulkner, Martin Gavin, Dave Rimmer, Simon Bridger and Ady and Kenny of course, if I forgot anyone sorry 5 years as been a long time.
Biggest thanks go out to you the faithful who have supported the club through its 5 year journey, you have travelled from all over the world to stomp, slide or browse through the record room and as Marion Black once sang who knows what the future may bring?

Yours in soul
Alan H