David Flynn's
Anorak's Corner

November 24th 2000 - 1st Anniversary

Tonight's "first" anniversary is being held in November, just over a year after moving to the Dome and nearly two years after the first do in Shoreditch. Nobody ever said the Capitol boys were conventional. The club has already built up a reputation for inviting the cream of soul d.j's playing the latest top rare soul tunes and tonight Shifty, the Dome's first guest, returned with his box of magic tunes. I don't think there was a spare inch left on the dance floor for his entire set. It's hard to say who is more up for it, the jocks or the crowd. Each and every chance to clap along with a stomper is taken, bringing back memories of when I first started going to soul clubs way back in the seventies. The untapped enthusiasm every track is greeted with only adds to the incredible atmosphere which keeps people looking forward to the next one the minute they have to leave It is no wonder people keep coming back to the Dome from all over the U.K. Europe and even the States.
Within an hour the club was jumping. Even the sight of Trickster doing his stuff wearing ballet shoes, couldn't stop the floor filling up, and basically staying that way for the whole evening. All the jocks played to a packed floor by sticking to the sounds that have become favourites over the past year or so. (The play lists for tonight are on another part of this website.) Some of these sounds are exclusive to the club, so that means if you want to get to hear these top quality sounds you have to get down to the Dome. That is of course if you weren't one of the lucky ones to receive a free tape.
The law of averages says that eventually there is going to have to be a below par evening. But if the Capitol boys carry on going the way they are, this soul night is not only going to be the best current soul night (which I think it already is!), but could soon start pushing some of the legendary soul nights of yesteryear. Every time I visit the Dome I can't help thinking that tonight can't be as good as the last time. Of course it always is, but tonight was the best yet. Soul nights rarely capture the excitement of the getting ready and the traveling up motorways that all-nighters bring, but Capitol seems to transcend the difference between the soul night and all-nighter.
Maybe in the years to come, people will look back at Capitol in a similar way to that of the "Blackpool Mecca", where even though it isn't an all-nighter, it will be thought of with the same kind of affection and respect that all-nighters command. If you are unlucky enough not to have made it along to Capitol yet, do so as soon as you can, but I warn you you'll go home covered in bruises, because you will spend most of the night kicking yourself for not having made the effort before.

Mike Gibbs
Co-editor of the "Soul About Town" monthly listings of Southern based Soul events
Hanging around in the drizzling rain before the Dome started, (I really wanted the tape and key-rings) I got to thinking, why is this venue so consistently good, what has made it become so special in such a short space of time.  Ultimately it has got to be down to the hard work of the regular DJs and one Matt Jahans promoter extraordinaire.  Matt just seems inexhaustible, forever on the move, chatting to all and sundry, extolling the virtues of the northern scene to anyone who'll listen.  You cannot help but be impressed and infected by his enthusiasm and verve and it's so bloody
contagious.  Matt's ebullience is matched by the regular DJ team of, David Flynn, Alan Handscombe, Carl Fortnum and "Irish Greg."  They are all responsible for consistently producing fantastic sets, which are a pleasure to dance to, surely the main criteria for every soulie.
Every time I have visited the Dome I have been reminded that there is life within the soul scene, outside of the major venues up north.  Obviously they run on different lines, the DJs and the patrons of the venues in the north of England are mainly into a nostalgia trip, which is fine and good at the moment, but cannot last forever.  The Dome is much more "cutting edge" IMO, playing fresh music, to a mainly fresh audience, although quite a number of people travel from other parts of the country (even abroad) to sample it's musical fare.  I think it's fair to say that the Dome is creating a niche for itself and will eventually be regarded as one of the venues that was instrumental in the progression of the Northern/Rare soul scene.
After getting through the club's new improved security system, I made my way upstairs and upon reaching the top, received my free tape, (really nicely packaged) and key ring.  I was in the first 20 to go in and as I walked up the stairs, and into the hall, people were already on the dance-floor. ......As usual tonight there was a number of KTF'ers present.  Martin Thomson, Katrina, Simon B, Janine, Flynny and Matt, Andy F, Mike Hughes and Mike Humphreys, Michelle and Carmen.   Who along with this most "up for it" of crowds was enjoying tonight's selections from the regular DJs, with the added bonus of Shifty to come later.
Within half an hour the floor was full, which is always a pleasure to see, the DJs were constantly pumping out the sounds and as they say the joint was jumping.  I know that some think that southern venues are not as friendly as
Northern ones, but this is definitely not the case here, everybody mixes, young, old, people from all points of the compass.  Everyone has arrived for the same reason, a high quality night and the whole thing gels perfectly in my opinion.  From a personal view point, I spent over 5 hours dancing, and in my enforced rest periods, laughing and chatting with friends old and new.   I can't think of a better way to spend an evening, stimulation both physical and mental, what more could anyone ask?
The night sped by, I remember making my first change of shirt at midnight, (always a good idea to take a change of shirts, because the heat and energy of the Dome has to be experienced to be believed) and my second about 2 a.m.
To borrow teenage vernacular, it really was "kicking" tonight, new and underplayed oldies, were mixed with all time classics, and all were treated with equal respect, by a knowledgeable crowd.
All in all I would say that the Dome has become the best soul night in the country, certainly the best one that I have visited anyway, tonight around 400 souls would probably attest to that fact.  There were a number of people in attendance, who are regular venue goers (in my local area) at the Dome tonight. (Around 30)  All came to the same conclusion, the Capitol Soul Club put on a night that is not to be missed, in truth I haven't heard one criticism of the night, apart from the fact that it could do with going on longer.  So Matt get around the negotiating table and deliver the Dome's first nighter. :-)
The next night is the Christmas bash on the 8th of December, so if you haven't been before, treat yourself to an early Xmas present, you won't be disappointed.  If you have been to the Dome before...well see you on the eighth. :-)

Winston Heath
Judy Freeman - Hold on - UNISSUED LP VERSION
Hy-Tones - You don't even know my name - SOUTHERN ARTISTS
Arthur Freeman - You've got me uptight - JUMBO
Gene Toones - What more do you want - SIMCO
New wanderers - Ain't gonna do you no harm - READY
Curly Moore - You don't mean - SANSU
Lonnie Russ - say girl - KERWOOD
Charles sheffield - It's your voodoo working - EXCELLO
Willie Jones - Where's my money - Mr.
Peacock Sonatas - Going down the road - HOT LINE
Lilly Fields - I've got to tell you - HOLTON
Shamettes - Don't waste your time - GOLD DUST
Duke Baxter - Don't let it down - C/UP
Anita Anderson - A lil bit longer - CONTACT
Little Ann - Who are you trying to fool - KENT
Danny Moore - Somebody new - ALLRITE
John & The Wierdest - Can't get over these memories - TIE
Peppermint Harris - Wait until it happens to you - JEWEL
Ty Karim - You really made it good - ROMARK
Perk Lee - The docks - BOSS
Jimmie Reed Jnr - I ain't going nowhere - MERCURY
Luther Ingram - If its all the same - HIB
Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger - ATLANTIC
Nolan Porter-If I could be sure - ABC
Helen Troy - I think I love you - KAPP
Jimmy Ricks - Oh what a feeling - FESTIVAL

Two People - Stop leave my heart alone - REVUE
Bobby Moore - Chained to your heart - CHECKER
William Powell - Heartache souvenirs - POWERHOUSE
Ty Karim - You just don't know - ROMARK
Clarence Reid - I'm your yes man - WAND
Esther Grant - Lets make the most out of love - WILSTONE
Bobby Bland - Shoes - DUKE
Oriolos - I ain't got time - OM
Maximillian - You'd better - MAGIC CIRCLE
Steve Mancha - Friday night - GROOVESVILLE
Jimmy Andrews - Big city playboy - BLUE JAY
Chuck Holiday - Just can't trust nobody - GLORIA
Cody Black - It's our time to fall in love - GIG
Louie Palmer - Don't leave me - BOOTHEEL
Tomangos - I really love you - WASHPAN
Leonard Jewell - Bettin' on love - TERI-DE
Cyde McPhatter - Give me one more chance - DECCA LP
Vikki Andero - Crook his little finger - CREAM
Jimmy & The Sundials - Where did i lose you - TEST PRESSING
Rodd Keith & Raindrops - And the lord said - PREVIEW

Hyperions - Why You Wanna Treat Me... - CHATTAHOOCHEE
Tommy Frontera - (You're My) Leading Lady - HI-LITE
Shawn Robinson - My Dear Heart - MINIT
Toni Basil - Breakaway -  A & M
Robert "Redtop" Young - Your Future - SOULSATIONS
James Wesley Smith - Talkin' 'Bout Women - ANGEL TOWN
Dave Charles - Ain't Gonna Cry No More - DONNIE
Jack Montgomery - Do You Believe It - SCEPTER
Ivorys - Please Stay - DESPENZA
Linda & Pretenders - Believe Me - ASSAULT
Van Dykes - Save My Love For A Rainy Day - MALA
September Jones - I'm With You - UNISSUED PIED PIPER
Andrea Henry - I Need You Like A Baby - M.G.M.
Troy Dodds - Try My Love - EL CAMINO
Brenda Holloway - I'm On The Right Track - UNISSUED MOTOWN
Gloria Jones - Come And Go With Me - UPTOWN
Carl Underwood - Ain't You Lying - MERGING
Sidney Barnes - Safety Zone - JOBETE ACETATE
Charades - The Key To My Happiness - M.G.M.
Johnny Maestro & Crests - I'm Stepping Out Of The Picture - SCEPTER
(second set)
Benny Spellman - This Ones For You My Love - ALON
Doris Smith - No Good Guy - LIMELIGHT
Fran Oliver - Searchin' For My Man - C/UP
Precisions - Such Misery - UNISSUED DREW
Deadbeats - No Second Chance - STRATA
Soul Inc. Feat.Cecil Washington - My Proposal - COCONUT GROOVE
September Jones - Give Me All Of Your Love - UNISSUED PIED PIPER
Barbara Mercer - Give Me Another Chance (My Dear) - UNISSUED
Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me - SANDBAG
Supremes - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - MOTOWN
Yvonne Baker - You Didn't Say A Word - PARKWAY
Bobby Reed - The Time Is Right For Love - BELL

Rochelle Johnson - Gypsy ways - SWAN
Paul Guitar Red Johnson - pretty eyed baby - CHECKER
Ike & Tina Turner - Wake up - SUE
Rosalind Madison - Neighbourhood girl - LIBERTY
The Halos - Just keep on loving me - CONGRESS
Barbara Redd - I'll be all alone - SPQR
Eskew Reeder - Undivided love - INSTANT
Yvonne Carroll - Please don't go - VEEJAY
Cookie Jackson - Love brings pain - UPTOWN
The Stoppers - Come back baby - JUBILEE
The Four Arts - Who do you think you are - SHEE
The Adlibs - Think of me - KAREN
Gladys - Sweet delight - OGEE
The Isonics - Sugar - KAMMY
Bill Johnson - It aint never gonna die - JOCIDA
The Lovables - You cant dress up a broken heart - TOOT
Carolyn Crawford - Forget about me - MOTOWN
Johnny Gilliam - Find yourself another - BO MAR
Blue Jays - Point of view - JAY
(second set)
Peppermint Harris - Wait untill it happens to you - JEWEL
Lacharles Mccoy - Hello blues - AMC
Delores Clark - Livin to please - ANTARES
Helen Troy - I think i love you - KAPP
Allen Sisters - I'm in with the downtown crowd - QUALITY
The El Corols - Chick chick - ROUSER
The Tears - What you doing to me - SMASH
Don & Ron - I'm so so sorry - WHITE CLIFFS
Mousie & Traps - How about you - TODDLIN TOWN
Mickie Champion - What good am I - MUSETTE

Joe Matthews - Ain't nothing you can do - KOOL KAT
Jades - I'm where its at - NITE LIFE
Masquaders - It's the same thing - SOULTOWN
Joanie Somers - Don't pity me - WARNER BROS
Timmie Williams - Competition - MALA
Royal Playboys - Arabia - DO DE
Eric Mercury - Lonely girl - SAC
Jimmy Burns - I really love you - ERICA
Inmates - This is our day - KOPIT
Yum Yums - Gonna be a big thing - ABC
Flash Mc Kinley - I'll rescue you - BOMBAY
Empires - You're on top girl - CANDI
Mello Soul - We can make it - MELLO
Walter & The Admirations - Man oh man - LA CINDY
Tangeers - Let my heart and soul be free - OKEH
Jackie Wilson - Because of you - BRUNSWICK
Lavern Baker - I'm the one to do it - BRUNSWICK
Gwen Owens - Just say you're wanted - VELGO
Jimmy Bo Horne - I just can't speak - DADE
Edwin Star - Scotts on swingers - RIC TIC

Kept firmly behind the caged DJ booth, here are four members of the CSC at the 1st Anniversary in November 2000, from L to R - Greg, David, Matt and Alan...Carl was taking the picture!