Rarities.1.    Jimmy Ricks, Ozz & Spurlings, Troy Dodds, Constellations etc
Rarities.2.    Hyperions, Carl Underwood, Greater Exp, Monique, Ivorys etc
Rarities.3.     Martells, Hytones, Thornton Sisters, Blue Jays, Group, Bobby Mac etc
Rarities.4.   Johnny Guitar Watson, Del Larks, Informers, Linda & Pretenders etc
Rarities.5.     Robby Lawson, Cody Black, Hayes Cotton, Rodd Keith, Gerri Hall, etc
Rarities.6.    Dream Team, Mary Wheeler, Little Stanley, Joey Delorenzo etc
Rarities.7.    Choice of Colour, Johnny Gibson, Ralph Graham etc
Rarities.8.    Rarities / Acetates - Bell, Golden World, Jobete, Virtue etc
Rarities.9.    Sidney Barnes, Mar-Js, Allan Sisters & more acetates
Company Sleeves
Original generic factory sleeves - inc. Dearborn, Cub, General American, Sound, Musicor, Okeh, Uptown etc.

Continental European Picture covers 
Original vintage 45 picture/art sleeves from all over Continental Europe - France, Spain, Germany, Holland & Greece.

Australian Releases page
Well worth viewing, as it features some amazing/incredibley rare cans - inc label info as well!

TMG 500 Series
The first one-hundred releases on the UK Tamla Motown label.
Anorak's Corner
Label Scans
US, European, Australian & Japanese